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We welcome you to our website. Here we will try to assist you in getting the best car, truck or bike insurance premium out there at the lowest rates. The motor insurance industry in South Africa is very big and you have a wide variety of insurance companies to choose from. Deciding on one company can be hard and time consuming, that is why we are here to help you!

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Here at, we have several very experienced and professional agents ready to help car insurance quotescustomers like you. They deal with car insurance companies in South Africa every day and know what companies have special discounts or promotions available. All they need from you is a few personal details to know what type of insurance policy you are after. When they know this, they can start looking for the best policy and quotes for you. The agent will contact you back after a short while to reveal the best quotes out there.


Of course, this is all done at NO COST OR OBLIGATION to you, while you go on with your daily routine. So go on and complete your details in the form provided or feel free to contact us if you have questions.




Car Insurance In South Africa

What is Auto Insurance?

 It is a sort of assurance policy that one gets to cover your vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks or any other type of road transportation. It will cover all the necessary costs in case of damage on the vehicle in case of accident or third party incidents like theft. It is very handy in case of an emergency, and saves you from the damage repair costs. It also covers you when your motor gets stolen and covers your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers on the road.

It can help to keep your mind at peace in case of accident – because money should be the least of your problems when something like this happens.


Guidelines When Getting Car Insurance

  • Before driving your new motor from the dealer, make sure you motor is insured.
  • If you are a driver under the age of 25 and driving a high performance car, you might not get covered at some auto insurance companies or you premium will be extremely high.
  • Talk to your insurance broker on how you can save on your premium or insurance. By decreasing on you risk profile you will save money.
  • If you use your car very often, it will increase your risk profile. Thus, make sure if you use your car to go to work and back, purchase a private cover. If you use your car to go and see clients, purchase a business cover.
  • Make sure the driver that drives the motor most of the time are the insured.
  • Include all additional accessories in your cover that is not factory fitted like Mags, Radios etc.
  • When your insurance company asks you to take your car to a inspection centre, make sure you have a copy of the certificate in case of trouble.
  • You must be knowledge about the terms and conditions of you motor cover.
  • You need to be clear whether your automobile might be towed by an authorized or unauthorized tow company.
  • In case of accident, be sure to take all insurance details from both parties.
  • You must know what the value of your vehicle is.
  • Consider your vehicle security day and night, for example, do you keep your car in a secure or closed area?
  • By having a tracking system, immobilizer or alarm installed, you can save a lot on your insurance premium.


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How To Find The Best Deals

The first thing anyone should do when searching for car insurance, is to compare car insurance quotes. By doing this, you can be sure that you get the best deal, while still maintaining a low monthly rates. Of course, you can go to each individual company and ask them for a coverage quote – but isn’t that just a waste of your time when there are people like us that will do it for you for free?

Just complete your details in the form we provide on our site, and you will be given the best car insurance quotes in South Africa. Thanks for visiting!